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February 2015


 Official Publication of the Diocese of Covington, KY

Cursillo Movement 

 Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

As we approach our Spring Weekends for men's 101 & Women's 101, we also are entering the wonderful season of Lent in our Church.  I say wonderful, because this season, Like Advent, gives us a reason to shake off our inadvertent complacencies towards our religion and start to again really think about what our faith means to us and how we should respond.

Lent does take us up to the most important spiritual time of our church year – Easter!  It is more important than Christmas (though I take nothing away from the solemn reason for Christmas) because without Easter and what Christ did for us in His passion, we would be nothing.

Participation in Lent takes on a different meaning for each of us.  Some of us give up things; some of us do extra things.  I prefer a little of both, focusing on the latter.  I believe it is much harder and more valuable to step my outward Christian Action in practicing a heartier approach to the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy than to give up eating coneys at Skyline, but it is certainly for me a constant reminder of my intention to “fast” if I do end up craving those delectable chili dogs from time to time.

Another thought:

If you are like me, your mind wanders at Mass. And sometimes it is hard to concentrate when praying.  Well, one time it often becomes hard to concentrate for me is during the Our Father.  I've prayed this prayer hundreds of times, and my mind often wanders due to the familiarity of the words, I guess.  But at Mass when I join in the wonderful parish tradition of holding hands during this most special prayer, I often encounter another distraction.

Doggonnit, the minute I join hands with those on each side (family), I invariably need to itch or scratch something or somewhere – my elbow, my eyebrow, my neck – something.  It's amazingly automatic with me.  And I feel like I should be able to quell the feeling at least until the end of the prayer.  Ever happen to you? 

It takes on a whole new meaning to me during Lent.  Imagine the unimaginable that Jesus must have experienced as He was restrained up on that cross.  The pain must have been unbearable.  What if He had the same need to scratch an itch?

Now, when I hold hands with those next to me during the Our Father, I will always remember what my savior did for me when I feel that inevitable need to scratch that itch.

Just an unusual thought.

Wishing you a worthwhile Lent and a Glorious Eastertime


Jeff Jehn

Lay Director





March 5-8, 2015

TEAM COORDINATOR:     Guy Linnemann                     ASSISTANT COORDINATOR:     Mark Krahe, Sr.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS:     Fr. Jeff VonLehmen,  Deacon Jim Bayne     



  1. Dan Heck, Sr.                                  Tony Ruehl                               Boone Riegler                        Paul Kleier
  2. Chris Bell                                         Chris Chadwick                        Ed Vogel                                  Dan Heck, Jr.
  3. Kenneth Trimbach                        Tim Beck                                   Mark Doyle                             Vince Lonnemann
  4. Kevin Cranley                                 Bob Hoffer                               Paul Finke        


8:15pm                                                                         History                                                                 Mark Krahe


FRIDAY  March 6

9:30am                                                                         Ideal                                                                      Dan Heck, Jr.

10:45am                                                                       Habitual Grace                                                   Fr. Jeff Von Lehmen

1:15pm                                                                         Laity                                                                      Chris Chadwick

3:00pm                                                                         Actual Grace                                                        Fr. Jeff Von Lehmen

4:15pm                                                                         Piety                                                                      Paul Kleier


9:00am                                                                         Study                                                                     Ed Vogel

10:15am                                                                       Sacraments I                                                       Fr. Jeff Von Lehmen

11:15am                                                                       Sacraments II                                                      Deacon Jim Bayne

2:15pm                                                                         Action                                                                   Vince Lonnemann

3:35pm                                                                         Obstacles to Grace                                             Deacon Jim Bayne

5:00pm                                                                         Leaders                                                                 Kevin Cranley

SUNDAY  March 8

8:45am                                                                         Study of the Environment                                 Tim Beck

10:30am                                                                       Life in Grace                                                         Deacon Jim Bayne

11:30am                                                                       Christianity in Action                                         Bob Hoffer

1:30pm                                                                         Cursillista Beyond the Cursillo                          Vic Boelscher

2:30pm                                                                         Total Security                                                       Dan Heck, Sr.


Jesus Speaks: Deacon Jim Bayne    Know Yourself: Paul Finke    Prodigal Son: Chris Bell    3 Glances of Christ: Boone Riegler    Figure of Christ: Mark Doyle  Message Of Christ To The Cursillista: Kenneth Trimbach


MEALS                          FRIDAY                                 SATURDAY                          SUNDAY

Breakfast                    8:00am                                 8:00am                                 8:00am

Lunch                            12:30pm                               12:30am                               12:30pm

Dinner                          5:30pm                                 6:00pm                                


SEND PALANCA TO:                             Guy Linnemann, 30 Commonwealth Avenue, Erlanger, KY 41018 or guy@lfhmail.com

OPENING RECEPTION:                        Thursday night March 5 @ 7PM in Moye Center

SPONSOR SERVICE:                             Thursday night March 5 @ 8PM in Sacred Heart Chapel

HOLY HOUR:                                         Saturday night March 7 @ 7PM in Sacred Heart Chapel

CLOSING CEREMONY:                         Sunday afternoon March 8 @ 4PM in Sacred Heart Chapel








March 26-29, 2015

TEAM COORDINATOR:     Cindy Carris             ASSISTANT COORDINATOR:     Sandy Geisen

SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS:     Fr. Mike Comer,   Fr. Mike Hennigan


Gina Bondick                                              Debbi Cranley                                   Cyndi Davis                     

Lauren Dressman                                      Christina Fischer                               Kim Fischer

Amy Geisen-Zembrodt                             Maggie Green                                   Jeanne Grote                                   

Mary Massie                                              Carolyn Menning                              Faye Roch

Mary Ruberg                                              Mary Beth Woods                            Ellen Zembrodt


THURSDAY    March 26

8:15pm                                                                         History                                                                 Kim Fischer


FRIDAY         March 27

9:30am                                                                         Ideal                                                                      Lauren Dressman

10:30am                                                                       Habitual Grace                                                   Fr. Mike Comer

11:30am                                                                       Laity                                                                      Faye Roch

1:30pm                                                                         Actual Grace                                                       Fr. Mike Hennigan

4:15pm                                                                         Piety                                                                      Ellen Zembrodt

SATURDAY   March 28

9:00am                                                                         Study                                                                    Cyndi Davis

10:15am                                                                       Sacraments I                                                       Fr. Mike Comer

1:15pm                                                                         Sacraments II                                                      Fr. Mike Comer

2:45pm                                                                         Action                                                                   Mary Massie

3:45pm                                                                         Obstacles to Grace                                            Fr. Mike Hennigan

5:00pm                                                                         Leaders                                                                Gina Bondick

SUNDAY       March 29

8:45am                                                                         Study of the Environment                               Carolyn Menning

10:00am                                                                       Life in Grace                                                       Fr. Mike Hennigan

11:30am                                                                       Christianity in Action                                       Mary Ruberg

1:15pm                                                                         The Cursillista Beyond Cursillo                       Maggie Green

2:15pm                                                                         Total Security                                                     Debbi Cranley                                             


Know Yourself: Fr.          Prodigal Son:           3 Glances of Christ: Christina Fischer   Person of Christ: Sandy Geisen       Message Of Christ To The Cursillista: Jeanne Grote


MEALS                          FRIDAY                                 SATURDAY          SUNDAY

Breakfast                    8:00am                                 8:00am                 8:00am

Lunch                            12:30pm                               12:30am               12:30pm

Dinner                          5:30pm                                 6:00pm                                


SEND PALANCA TO:                                Cindy Carris, ccarrisjmj@gmail.com, 3052 Waterbury Ct. Edgewood, KY 41017

RECEPTION:                                              Thursday night March 26 @ 7PM in St. Anne Dining Room 7PM

SPONSOR SERVICE:                                 Thursday night March 26 @ 8PM in St. Anne Chapel 7 PM

HOLY HOUR:                                            Saturday night March 28 @ 7PM in Assembly Hall 7 PM

CLOSING CEREMONY:                            Sunday afternoon march 29 in St. Anne Chapel 4:00PM




Jesus said, "not by bread alone shall man live, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God".  

Matthew 4:4


  1. In this season of thanksgiving,
  2. and in this land of very much abundance,
  3. let us remember to listen to the Word of God (Jesus)
  4. and to be his hands and feet to those in need... 

Hello fellow pilgrims,


    We have just concluded two very important and successful weekends this Fall.  Important because they were our 100th Men's and 100th Women's weekends, and successful because the Holy Spirit helped us deliver the Cursillo method of living to 42 men & women in a wonderfully spiritual way.  Many thanks to Marc Johannemann and Nancy Johnson and their respective teams for jobs well done.  Their personal reflection on their weekends is elsewhere in this newsletter.


    Each Sunday the pastor at my parish, Fr. John Sterling, does 2 things that I would like to emulate here.  First, at the beginning of his homily, he asks each of us to take a moment of quiet prayer and to just pray for each other in the pews.  Too often, I believe, we neglect to remember to pray for those who are around us and close to us.  So when you get a moment, take a quiet moment of prayer and pray for your fellow Cursillistas – maybe those who were on the same weekend you were on, whenever that was. 

And in addition, remember those who might be in most need of assistance at this time – those who are suffering for any reason.


    The second thing he does each week is he specifically calls out an example of stewardship that was visible and evident in our parish in the previous week.  Maybe it was someone who did a specific or special deed in the parish, maybe someone who assisted in a unique way during a funeral, or just some observed random act of kindness to him or the parish in general.


It caused me to realize that there were many, many random acts of kindness, acts of service, prayers and devotions and other acts of love in these past 2 weekends.  The teams can surely attest to that.  And  in the true Christian spirit, they mostly went unnoticed and unrewarded.  The amount of effort to put on these weekends is amazing – not just by the Pre-Cursillo and Cursillo teams, but by many un-sung Cursillista heroes who dedicate so much time and energy on behalf of Cursillo.These people truly are the hands and feet of Jesus, and I am in awe of them and also am blessed by their efforts.


    As we enter this upcoming holy season of Advent and Christmas, let us take time to be thankful of not only what we have, but who we have - family, friends and each other.  Give the gift of love.



Jeff Jehn

Lay Director Diocese of Covington 


Let's be in Prayer for ...


Team Coordinator

Guy Linnemann

Assistant Coordinator

Mark Krahe, Sr. 

Spiritual Directors
Fr. Jeff Von Lehman

Deacon Jim Bayne 


Let's be in Prayer for ... 



Team Coordinator

Cindy Carris

Assistant Coordinator

Sandy Geisen

Spiritual Directors
Fr. Mike Comer

Fr. Mike Hennigen 








Greg Calhoun            St. Joseph Cold Sprgs                Ragan Rademaker     St. Mary

Jim Collett               St. Joseph Cres. Sprgs                Dennis Reinersman    St. Joseph, Crest. Sprgs

Ryan Dwer                St. Barbara                               Michael Reinersman  St. Joseph, Crest Sprgs

Kevin Eberly             St. Pius                                      Mark Schroer            St. Joseph, Cold Sprgs

Chris Goddard           IHM                                           Daryl Tepe               St. Agnes

John Haas                 St.Joseph Crest. Sprgs                Mike Tillman            St. Barbara

Ceaser Hanser           St Joseph Crest. Sprgs                Mark Urban              St. Joseph, Crest. Sprgs

Wayne Lashua           St. Pius                                      Kevin Walsh             St. Timothy

Terry Mason              St. Barbara                                Tony Ward                St. Pius

Chip Moellering  St. Joseph, Crest Sprgs/St. Barbara      Brian Zekl                St. Pius

John Moorman    St. Joseph, Crest. Sprgs                                                   




    For one year we as a team prepared to present the weekend to a group of candidates who were still unknown to us.  The year went by so quickly and without any major setbacks.


    But then came time for the weekend to begin.  We met with the staff at St. Anne's and our runners and were presented with the information that there was no hot water and the weekend may have to be cancelled.  Add to this the fact that one of our spiritual directors would not be able to be there until late Friday evening and it was looking bleak.  But the Holy Spirit had different plans and sent to us a group of candidates that were ready and open to the weekend.  Friday morning as we began the weekend, we  normally have to pull out candidates to take charge of taking notes and being presenters, but not with this group.  The candidates we open and ready to participate fully and were moving forward at a rapid pace.


    This could have been one of the worst weekends in Covington Cursillo history, but it was not, because the Holy Spirit send us men who were open and ready to hear and receive the Word.

What started out as a weekend to dread turned into a weekend that went by so quickly that if you blinked, you missed it.  To a man, both the team and the candidates experienced a true metanoia during weekend 100.


    I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, palanca and prayers during the weekend.  Without you it would not have been possible.



De Colores,

Marc Johannemann

Coordinator, Men's Weekend 100








Susie Curtis                         St. Barbara                          Judy Rawe                       St. Joseph Cold Spgs

Sharon Drees                       St. Mary/St. Patrick              Mary F. Rogers                         MQH

Barb Griffin                         St. Barbara                           Laura Scheben                     St. Barbara

Olivia Johnson                     St. Therese                           Frederica Spears                  St. Barbara 

Amy Kirst                            St. Barbara                            Lucy Tillman                       St. Barbara

Sr. Shannon Kriege              Sisters of Notre Dame            Kathy Vogt                           St. Barbara

Tish Lashua                         St. Pius                                 Donna Witte                        St. Mary's

Ida Mueller                          St. Francis Sierra                  Tina Ulanowski                    St. Timothy

Christine Newman               St. Pius                                 Diane Wendeln                    St. Barbara

Rachel Noll                         St. Pius                                Jennifer Zumbiel             St. Joseph Cres Spgs

Katie Rademaker                 St. Mary's                         




  To sum up Women's Cursillo 100 is easy - The Holy Spirit ran the weekend! 


    As a Team we surrendered ourselves to be of maximum service to God and He stepped in and led.  During our short course we have looked over the rainbow with two want-a-bees, a weatherman (Fr. Matt), and a garbage man (Deacon Hudson) leading us to be messengers of the Gospel. We don't want to be ants “Floating on a Log” when our destination is Heaven and we need to bring as many people as possible with us. We are vessels carrying Christ to others, so we can't be lazy Theologians in lazy boy recliners. 


    We learned through laughter and tears that our life as a Catholic is important because we are Christ's hands and feet.  We belong to Him and He loves us dearly.  The candidates received it ALL in their hearts and souls, and they will “bloom where they are planted”. 


    At the closing we could feel the power of the Holy Spirit in the Chapel.  Then as each woman spoke of her experience, we as a community knew deep in our hearts Cursillo really does change lives and this is a powerful movement in the church! To be so blessed to walk this journey with the Team and Candidates that GOD CALLED was a true GIFT FROM GOD and I will be forever grateful.  Our Focus is Christ through the Cursillo Method!!!




Nancy Johnson

Coordinator – Women's Team 100





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